Riding your horse. 

Stability with lightness above the saddle.

Harmony in motion below.

Do you want to be more secure in the saddle?

Are you blocking your horse's movement?

The Rider's Seat Method teaches riders how to use their bodies to be stable in the saddle which allows their horses to move freely beneath them.


This will enhance the relationship between you and your horse.










  • Feel safe and secure in the saddle.

  • Move in harmony with your horse.

  • Experience the ‘missing-link’ in horseback riding.

  • Understand your riding instructors’ directions.

  • Take what you learn in riding into your daily life.

Learn to apply the meditation and martial art principles of posture, breath and awareness to riding horses.

  • Use your psoas muscles
  • Breathe vertically
  • Look 180°

“What you are teaching is the key to that dream place we all aspire to achieve with our horses.”

Karen Irland
Centered Riding® Clinician

Author of Along the Way: My Journey with Horses

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