Zen &
            the Horse


Rider’s Seat Combination Clinics with Karen Irland

Karen is a Level IV Centered Riding© Clinician, having mentored many years under Sally Swift. She has been teaching all disciplines of riding from coast to coast for over twenty years. Passion for classical riding and training led her to the study of dressage and its application to all riding styles. Karen helps students become aware of their own body use, the horse’s motion and how the two meld together.

Tom and Karen have been conducting 3-day Rider’s Seat Combination Clinics since 2006.

“I had a wonderful time at your Rider’s Seat clinic in Maine. You two have really changed my riding forever and I can’t thank you enough! And with you both helping me to find the ‘vertical’ in myself every day I am changing my ‘life’ forever too!

Janet (Physical Therapist/Maine)

“Thank you for a wonderful learning experience this past weekend! I don’t think I have ever achieved quite as good an understanding and feel of the psoas muscle and it’s crucial role in our riding seat. What a gift!

Kathy (Riding Instructor/Canada)

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